Philosophy of Nanekma Method
Long Term Strategy
One important factor of our methodology is that its underlying basis is “Always” the Strategic direction of an organisation. Whether we work on developing new software solution, or developing a social/organisation transformation process or take over the job of managing your implementation project, we always base our concept design on the long term strategy of an organisation.
We base our initial decisions, assumption and thought process in what an organisation looking as strategic vision of the organisation. Often, we would be working with organisation to help articulate there business strategies in a clear non-ambiguous manner.
Strong Design
The next layer in our solution is to develop a strong high-level design. If it is a software solution we would be working on number of standard software solution design methodologies to, develop a strong, data and functional designs that could withstand the changes that it would go through when reach towards organisations objectives.
Framework driven Technical Accuracy
Next layer of the solution delivery process is to establish strong technical designs that derive from the design layer of the foundation. This is an essential step that was taking prior to developing the tactical process improvements. Basis of this approach is to develop a strong technical solution that is not dependent on the tactical implementation of business. By doing so we ensure that solution definitions are having sufficient flexibility to adjust to tactical changes. This would provide the business to manipulate their tactics and operations without restrictions from the technical limitations of the process. Whether we are considering a software solution development, developing a project management methodology, or defining Standard operating procedures for a hospital, this approach will provide required flexibility, which is grounded on strong strategic vision.
Nanekma has developed and in the process of developing number of solution frameworks, that encompasses the organisational knowledge. These frameworks will provide a strong basis to the solution and reduce the need to “Re-invent the wheel” at each and every step of the way. At the sometime, these frameworks will provide the required flexibility to define solutions that is appealing and feasible at the shop floor.
Tactical Improvement
Once the strong technical architecture in place, Nanekma team will start working on tactical operations and develop well documented tactical frameworks, either as standard operating procedures or Detailed Solution designs. This stage is where the end-users, employees or final stake holders of an assignment would interface with the end result of an engagement.
Fast Delivery
One of the strength of having a framework base design that aligns to organisations strategies is our ability deliver fast results to the end users. This was done by using number of techniques. That includes...
1. Module/Phase based delivery
2. Progressive refinement
3. Pre-built templates
4. Industry best practice templates
End Result
This approach provides the support to deliver initial components of a solution to production in faster and rapid process. While the overall delivery period may be longer than a traditional delivery process, this process will provide stronger and resilient solutions that would truly support the organisational strategies and strategic vision.
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