Nanekma Private Limited
Nanekma Private limited is a Consulting and Software Solutions company that has a strong focus on selected number of business streams. Nanekma is backed by a strong group of professional that has solid experience in IT solutions and services arena. This team is now synergising there experience and expertise to develop and deliver world class consulting services and consulting solutions.
Strength of the Nanekma team is the ability develops practical IT solutions with the strategic vision in mind. In other words, the Nanekma team understands the big picture, has practical experienced in how to join the small parts of the puzzle to form the big picture and they know how to do it in an efficient manner.
Furth more, Nanekma team is developing a strong framework based solution deployment methodology, By doing so Nanekma is able to deliver quick solutions to business organisations without compromising other underlying architecture of software solutions.
What we made of...
Vision Mission
“To become a market leader to in selected set of niche solutions, to a level, that industry would consider Nanekma solution to be the Industry standard”
Nanekma team believe the organisations needs to constantly re-invent themselves to be able to maintain the agility and face new market challenges. In view of the same, the company has a two-year mission that is focus on building and sustainability of the company.

“To develop intellectual capital, and organisational capacity and initial solution frameworks for select industries”
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Nanekma Private Limited
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